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D88尊龙  The reason of the spark of the brush of the natural gas generator set:


  1, bearing vibration. The one or two stage of the shaft with the exciter, because the bearing length, with additional equipment, vibration is difficult to control the natural minimum. Diesel generator long time operation, fatigue, aging caused by complex factors of bearing vibration increase, brush with the shock, the brush friction uneven, column lead and loose spring local sparks slowly further affect the overall situation.

D88尊龙  2、電刷表面不潔。這一點讓人忽略的,正常運行的發電機電刷密封在密閉的柜子內,兩極電刷中間有套在軸上齒輪狀軸流風扇,靠轉子轉動把磨下的石墨碳粉、電刷的發熱及時抽走,達到清潔冷卻的作用。如果柜門關不嚴,或巡檢時忘記關門,外面的粉塵伴隨著熱空氣吸進電刷,附著在刷柱上,一方面影響電刷散熱。另一方面電刷發生火花時因刷柱表面不潔,刷柱之間絕緣強度不夠很容易環火。

  2, the surface of the brush is not clean. Most people ignore this point, the normal operation of the generator brush in sealed cabinet, two middle brush is sheathed on the shaft gear shaped axial fan, by rotation of the rotor to ground heating under the graphite powder, brush the time off, to clean the cooling effect. If the door is not closed tightly, and forgot to close the door or outside the patrol, accompanied by hot air sucked into the dust brush, brush attached to the column, hand brush cooling effect. On the other hand, when the brush is not clean because of the surface of the brush, the insulation strength of the brush column is not easy to ring the fire.

D88尊龙  此外滑環上車有螺旋狀一道道溝槽,這是為了增加電刷散熱面積,改善同電刷接觸,使電刷更充分冷卻,同時更容易讓碳粉抽走。柜門若關不嚴,風扇抽力不足外面粉塵也很輕易附著在螺旋狀溝里,后果是可想而知的。勵磁機電刷考慮其電壓等級比較低裸露在外面,在此也建議一下檢修定期清潔。前幾天我廠發生過勵磁電刷冒火花被迫停機事件,原因多方面的,往往小事釀成大禍。我們應該引起足夠重視。

  In addition the car have a slip ring spiral groove, which is in order to increase the cooling area of the brush, brush the brush with improved, more fully cooling, but also easy to let the toner removed. If the door is not closed tightly, the fan inadequate pumping power outside dust very easily also attached to the spiral ditch, the consequences are as can be imagined. Exciter brush to consider its voltage level is relatively low exposed on the outside, it is recommended that the maintenance of regular cleaning. A few days ago I had a brush factory excitation electric sparks forced to shut down the event, many reasons, things often lead to disaster. We should pay enough attention to it.