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D88尊龙  天然氣發電機組是以天然氣等高熱值氣體為燃料的點火式氣體機,下面帶大家了解一下天然氣發電機組的優點。

D88尊龙  Gas turbine is the ignition of fuel gas to natural gas and other gas with high calorific value, below we look at the advantages of natural gas power generation unit.


D88尊龙  First, the power quality is good


D88尊龙  Because the generator work only rotational motion, power transfer reaction speed, work stably, and the output voltage of the generator frequency with high precision, small fluctuations in sudden empty minus 50% and 75% load when the unit is very stable for a camel. Better than the diesel generator sets of electrical performance indicators.

D88尊龙  二、啟動性能好,啟動成功率高

D88尊龙  Two, good starting performance, high success rate

D88尊龙  從冷態啟動成功后到滿負載的時間僅為30秒鐘,而國際規定柴油發電機啟動成功后3分鐘帶負載。燃氣輪發電機組可以任何環境溫度和氣候下保證啟動的成功率。

  From the cold start to full load after the time is only 30 seconds, while the international provisions of the diesel generator after the successful start with a load of 3 minutes. Gas turbine power generation unit can ensure the success rate of start-up under any environmental temperature and climate.


D88尊龙  Three, low noise and small vibration

D88尊龙  由于燃汽輪機處于高速旋轉狀態,它的振動非常小,而且低頻噪聲優于柴油發電機組。

D88尊龙  Due to the high speed rotation of the steam turbine, the vibration is very small, and the low frequency noise is better than the diesel generator set.


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