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  In order to guarantee the service life of the turbocharger of diesel generator set, the lubrication and cooling of the floating bearing of the supercharger should be guaranteed:


D88尊龙  1, diesel generator set should be idle after starting 3-5 minutes, do not immediately increase the load, to ensure good lubrication turbocharger. The main reason is that the top of the turbocharger in the engine, if the engine starting after the turbocharger immediately began running in high speed, will cause the oil pressure failed to rise to the booster oil, causing the turbocharger oil damage, and even burn the entire supercharger.


  2, idle time should not be too long, generally no more than 10 minutes, idle time is too easy to cause compressor end oil leakage.

D88尊龙  3、停車前不要立即關閉柴油發電機組,應怠速3-5分鐘,以使增壓器轉速和排氣系統的溫度降下來,防止發生回熱—機油結焦—軸承燒損等故障。溫馨提示:經常的不正確使用會使增壓器損壞。

D88尊龙  3, do not shut down immediately before stopping the diesel generator, should be idle for 3-5 minutes, the supercharger speed and exhaust system temperature down, to prevent the occurrence of heat recovery coking of oil - bearing - burning fault. Warm tip: often incorrect use will make supercharger damage.


D88尊龙  4, long-term unused engine or new supercharger diesel generator set, before use should be in the supercharger inlet oil filling oil, or because of lubrication bad life or damage supercharger.


D88尊龙  5, regular inspection of the connection site whether there is loose leakage or oil leakage phenomenon, whether the oil pipeline patency, if it should be promptly ruled out.


D88尊龙  6, to ensure that the air cleaner clean, and according to the requirements of regular replacement, regularly replace the oil filter.


  The radial axial clearance 7, regular inspection of diesel generator turbocharger shaft, the axial clearance should be less than 0.15 mm, radial clearance: the clearance between impeller and casing pressure of not less than 0.10 mm, or should be invited to professional maintenance, in order to avoid the expansion of the loss of the generator.


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