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D88尊龙  夏季天熱,沼氣發電機組也是需要保養的。沼氣發電機組是一種特殊的燃氣發電機組。在夏季,沼氣發電機組需要注意怎樣保養呢?夏季保養沼氣發電機組需要注意以下四個事項:

D88尊龙  Summer hot days, biogas generating units also need maintenance. Biogas generator set is a special gas generator set. In summer, biogas generating units need to pay attention to how to maintain it? Summer maintenance biogas generating units need to pay attention to the following four matters:


  First, the summer is relatively hot and humid, we should pay attention to not affect the normal cooling of biogas generator sets. To regularly clean the dust ventilation pore dirt, keep smoothly.

D88尊龙  二、夏季為雷雨多發季節,要在沼氣發電機組工作的地方做好現場防雷工作,各類機械設備和在建工程必須按規定做好避雷接地,發電機組裝置做好保護接零。

  Two, summer thunderstorm season, going to work in the local biogas generator set do on-site lightning protection work, all kinds of mechanical equipment and construction must be done in accordance with the provisions of lightning grounding, power unit to zero protection.


  Three, the installation of the generator set should be connected with the external power line power supply, you can set the switching device or dual power distribution box, prohibited parallel operation.

D88尊龙  四、發電機拆裝方法與異步電動機大致相同,但由于發電機重量大,拆裝時應注意不要碰傷。拆卸端蓋時,注意不要碰傷凸出在機座處面的定子線圈;取出轉子時,要在電機定、轉子間墊以紙板,以防損傷鐵芯和繞組,在用鋼索綁扎轉字時,鋼索不得碰到轉子軸頸、鳳扇、集電滑及轉手引線。

  Four, generator disassembly method and induction motor are roughly the same, but because of the weight of a large generator, and should be careful not to bruise. Remove the cover, careful not to bruise on the base at the protruding stator coil; remove the rotor, the stator and rotor between the pad to the board, to prevent damage to the core and winding, wire binding in turn word, the cable must not touch the rotor shaft neck, fan, electric slide and wire transfer set.

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