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D88尊龙  柴油發電機組現在是一個利潤透明型行業,因為發電機組廠家眾多,各廠家所報發電機價格都相差不是很大,客戶來回打聽都能知道發電機組的基本價格。柴油機都是原廠提貨回單位后配套電機OEM而成,所以價格各廠家都應差不多。為什么有的發電機組廠家價格高,有的發電機組廠家價格低。就是因為發電機組的備件附件非常多,需要客戶必須都打聽好具體配置才能報價。報價方面除了關注是否含17%增值稅,是否含運費調試外,更多需要注意細節配置問題。比如這臺發電機組是否有底座油箱,發電機組使用的啟動電瓶是否是免維護固體電瓶,發電機組自動化控制系統里面是否都包含了應有的四保護系統。這些細節都會對發電機組的價格起到幾千塊的浮動影響。

D88尊龙  Diesel generator is now a clear profit model industry, because the generating units of many manufacturers, the manufacturers report generator price difference is not great, customers can know about the basic price and generator. Diesel engines are the original delivery back to the unit after matching motor OEM, so the price of each factory should be about. Why the price of some generator set is high, the price of some generator set is low. Is because the spare parts of the generating set is very much, the need for customers to have to know the specific configuration can offer. In addition to pay attention to whether or not included in the 17% value-added tax, whether with freight debugging, more attention should be paid to the details of the configuration problem. For example, whether this unit has a base oil tank, power generation units used to start the battery is free to maintain solid battery, power generation unit automation control system which contains the proper four protection system. These details will affect the price of the generating set thousands of pieces of floating.


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