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D88尊龙  發電機組低壓配電盤的安裝方法,下面小編為您講解一下:

  Low voltage distribution panel installation method, the following small series for you to explain:

D88尊龙  1)發電機組配電盤(箱)的盤面應光滑(涂漆),且有明顯的標志,盤架應牢固。

  1) the disk of the generator set (box) should be smooth (Tu Qi), and there are obvious signs.

D88尊龙  2)明裝在墻上的配電盤,盤底距地面高度不小于1.2m,顯示面板應裝在盤上方,距地面1.8m;明裝立式鐵架盤,盤頂距地面高度不得大于2.1m,盤底距地面不得小于0.4m,盤后面距地面不小于0.6m;暗裝配電盤底口距地面1.4m。

  2) install on the wall panel, at the bottom of the disc is apart from the ground height of not less than 1.2m, display panel should be installed above the disc from the ground 1.8m; Ming mounted vertical hob disk, disk from the ground height should be no more than 2.1m, bottom of the plate from the ground shall not be less than 0.4m, behind the wheel from the ground not less than 0.6m; dark assembling of electric disc bottom outlet from the ground 1.4m.

D88尊龙  3)動力配電盤的負載電流在30A以上,應包鐵皮。對負載電流為30A及以下的配電盤,裝有金屬保護外殼的開關,可不包鐵皮。

  3) the load current of the power distribution panel is above 30A, and should be covered. The load current is 30A and the following distribution plate is provided with a metal protective shell.


D88尊龙  4) panel (box) should be reliable grounding, the grounding resistance should be less than 4 euro.

  5)發電機組主配線應采用與引人線截面積相同的絕緣線;二次配線應橫平豎直、整齊美觀,應使用截面積不小于 1.5m擴的銅芯絕緣線或不小于2.5平方mm的鋁芯絕緣線。

  5) generator main wiring should be used and cited line cross-sectional area of the same insulating line; secondary wiring should be smooth vertical and horizontal, tidy and beautiful, using cross-sectional area of not less than 1.5m expansion of copper core insulated wire or not less than 2.5 mm square aluminum core insulation wire.

D88尊龙  6)導線穿過木盤面時,應套上瓷套管,穿過鐵盤面時、應裝橡皮護圈。

D88尊龙  6) wire through the wooden surface, should be set on the porcelain sleeve, through the iron disk, installed rubber retainer.


  7) in the disk of vertically mounted switch, the top for power and lower load. Phase sequence should be consistent, each branch to indicate the name of the line; a cross switch, and the left side is connected with a power supply, the right-hand side is connected to the load.


  8) panel (box) installed on the bus, should be separated according to the provisions of color paint


D88尊龙  9) in the panel (box), should be installed in low-voltage electric double protection, to ensure the safe use of electricity.


D88尊龙  10) distribution box installed in the outdoor, should be equipped with rainproof cover; distribution box installed in public places, aluminum doors should be locked.


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