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  Today, we Ji'nan biogas generator set of small series to introduce to you is the main component of the combustion of methane generating units is what?


  Main combustion components of biogas generating set:


  renewable, less pollution. Use biogas to generate electricity, do not have to worry about the depletion of the day. According to statistics, by the end of 2002 the world's remaining oil proven reserves of 1407.04 tons. According to the world's proven reserves of fossil fuels, oil can also be used 40~50 years, natural gas can also be used in 60~70, the coal can be maintained for about 225 years. It can be seen that the fossil energy is not far away from us. And biogas as the representative of the life of the biomass energy is almost unlimited, as long as the sun exists, there will be.

D88尊龙  (2)原料來源廣泛。沼氣發電機組的主要燃燒成分是甲烷,由甲烷產生菌厭氧消化有機物產生。所以只要有機物存在的地方,再配以適合的環境條件,就會有甲烷的生成。例如人畜的糞便、有機工業廢水、垃圾填埋場、農作物秸稈等都可用做沼氣產生的原材料。目前我國生豬、家禽和牛等畜禽養殖業糞便排放量約18億噸,實際排出污水總量約200億噸,可生產沼氣約500億立方米;全國工業企業每年排放的(可轉化為沼氣)有機廢水和廢渣約25億立方米,可生產沼氣約100億立方米。今后隨著畜禽養殖業和工業企業的發展,沼氣的生產量還會增加。以一個60萬人口的城鎮為例,每天產生垃圾約600噸,產生沼氣1萬立方左右,可以供1000千瓦的燃氣發電機組進行發電。且城市越大,垃圾中含的有機物越多,產生的沼氣量也就越多。我國人口眾多,適合做這樣項目的垃圾填埋場也很多。因此,沼氣的來源十分廣泛。

  a wide range of raw materials. The main combustion component of biogas generating set is methane, which is produced by anaerobic digestion of anaerobic digestion of methane producing bacteria. So as long as there is organic matter in place, coupled with suitable environmental conditions, there will be the formation of methane. For example, human and livestock manure, organic industrial wastewater, landfill, crop straw and so can be used as raw material for biogas production. At present about 18 million tons of China's pig, poultry and cattle and other livestock and poultry manure emissions and actual discharge amount of waste water of about 200 million tons, about 500 billion cubic meters of methane production; industrial enterprises of the national annual emissions (which can be translated into biogas) organic waste water and waste residue of about 25 billion cubic meters, about 100 billion cubic meters of methane production. In the future, with the development of livestock and poultry industry and the development of industrial enterprises, the production of methane will increase. With a 600 thousand population of the town as an example, about 600 tons of garbage generated every day, about 10 thousand cubic meters of methane, can be used for 1000 kilowatts of gas generating units to generate electricity. And the greater the city, the more organic matter contained in the garbage, the more the amount of methane generated. Our country has a large population and is suitable for such projects. Therefore, the source of methane is very extensive.

D88尊龙  (3)受環境限制小。沼氣發電機組的規模比較小,對場地的要求不高,只要有沼氣產生的地方基本上都可以進行發電。不像水電必須建立在水力資源豐富的地方,而且還要考慮電站對周圍生態環境的影響;太陽能發電要建在日照時間長且比較偏僻的地方,因為太陽能發電要占用大量的土地,必須考慮項目的經濟性,現在建的太陽能電站一般都在沙漠。

  limited by the environment. The scale of biogas power generation is relatively small, the requirements of the site is not high, as long as there is a place where the biogas generated can be basically electricity generation. Unlike hydropower must be built where the water is rich in resources, but also considers the influence of power station to the surrounding ecological environment; solar power to built in the sunshine for a long time and more remote places, because solar power to occupy a lot of land must be considered project economics, now to build solar power plants are generally in the desert.

D88尊龙  沼氣發電機組通過混合器與空氣混合,經增壓、中冷、自動調節閥后進入燃燒室,可適應低壓燃燒。整機自動化程度高,機組經濟性、可靠性、安全性、適應性等指標達到先進水平。

  The biogas generating set is mixed with the air through a mixer, and enters the combustion chamber after being pressurized, the middle cooling and the automatic control valve, which can be adapted to the low pressure combustion. The machine has high degree of automation, economic, reliability, security, adaptability and other indicators to reach the international advanced level.