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D88尊龙  We all know gas turbine is using gas as fuel for spark ignition internal combustion engine, which is on the basis of Z12V190B diesel engine product variants. So gas generating units have several major parts of it? That today we Ji'nan gas turbine manufacturers to introduce small series:


  One, one body

D88尊龙  機體自由端主要用于固定齒輪系的齒輪軸,其外側通過齒輪罩殼密封。上方裝有兩個起重吊掛,與功率輸出端相應位置處的一個起重吊掛一起,用于起吊發動機

D88尊龙  The free end of the machine body is mainly used for the gear shaft of the fixed gear system. The top is equipped with two lifting and hanging, the relative position of a crane hanging together with the power output end for lifting the engine


D88尊龙  Two, two institutions


  crank and connecting rod mechanism


  The crank connecting rod mechanism is the main moving part of the engine, and the function of the crank connecting rod is to convert the heat energy released from the mixed gas in the cylinder into mechanical energy.


  gas distribution mechanism

D88尊龙  配氣機構主要是驅動氣缸蓋上氣門搖臂,控制進、排氣門的開啟與關閉,保證新鮮空氣及時充入氣缸,并將燃燒后的廢氣及時排出。

  The valve timing mechanism is mainly driven by the air valve rocker arm of the cylinder head, the opening and closing of the inlet and exhaust valves are controlled to ensure that the fresh air is filled into the cylinder in a timely manner, and the exhaust gas is discharged in time.


  Three, six systems


  lubrication system


D88尊龙  To provide sufficient lubrication oil (oil) to the friction surface of the engine to reduce wear and ensure the normal operation of the engine. At the same time, it also has cooling, cleaning, sealing, anti-corrosion effect.


  supply system


  ignition system

D88尊龙  磁電機點火系統:由磁電機、低壓電纜、點火線圈、高壓電纜、火花塞等組成。

  Magnetic motor ignition system: by the magnetic motor, low voltage cables, ignition coils, high voltage cables, spark plugs and other components.


  starting system


  The function of the starting system is: with the help of external energy, the engine is running, so that it is transferred from the static state to the working state. The system consists of the battery, starter relay, foot switch, start button, electric motor etc. In addition, the electric pre pump also rely on external power supply.


D88尊龙  cooling system

D88尊龙  190系列燃氣機具有開式循環和閉式循環兩種冷卻結構型式。開式循環機組是指配套熱交換器、冷卻塔,由外部提供冷卻水源;閉式循環機組是指配套散熱器、風扇及其它裝置,構成機組內部獨立循環系統。

  190 series gas engine with open cycle and close cycle of two types of cooling structure. Open cycle unit refers to the supporting heat exchanger, cooling tower, from the outside to provide cooling water source; closed cycle unit is a complete set of radiator, fan and other devices, which constitute an independent cycle system.


  electronic speed control system

D88尊龙  燃氣發電機組介紹轉速傳感器-測量轉速信號-電子調速器-對轉速信號分析處理-驅動器-信號轉換-執行器

  Speed sensor - Measurement of speed signal - the electronic governor - speed signal analysis and processing - drive - signal conversion - actuator

D88尊龙  我們會用優良的、貼切的服務,讓顧客感受到親情般的溫暖,始終視顧客的安全如己如親。我們會用自然優勢打造產品的獨特之處,從而給消費者帶來享用產品時獨特的心境。

  We will use a good, appropriate service, so that customers feel the warmth of family, always depending on the safety of customers such as yourself. We will use natural advantages to create a unique product, so as to bring consumers to enjoy the unique mood of the product.