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D88尊龙300 series coking gas generating units use the exhaust gas from coking, metal smelting and orchid production as fuel to drive gas generating units. Because of the high hydrogen content and tar content in the series gas, the pre-mixing intake system of ordinary gas generating units is difficult to ensure safe operation. By adopting the self-developed technology of gas internal mixing and air-fuel ratio control, our company has thoroughly solved the problems of tempering, firing and non-continuous operation of this kind of high hydrogen gas when it is used. Our 300 series generating units are widely used in coke oven gas (coking gas), blast furnace gas, soldering iron gas, blue carbon gas, etc. The power range of generating units is 300 KW-800KW.



Overcoming the characteristics of high tar and hydrogen content, the main technical advantages of 300 series coking gas generating units are as follows:


1. Internal mixing air intake system and air-fuel ratio automatic control system completely avoid the problem of high hydrogen gas backfire.


D88尊龙2. Removable intake valve box can easily maintain intake valve and clean tar without removing cylinder head.


3. Non-pressurized natural intake has strong adaptability to tar in gas, avoiding blockage of supercharger and intercooler and unstable power output.


D88尊龙4. Large cylinder diameter and long stroke ensure that the output power of the unit is stable and consistent with the nameplate calibration power.


5. Low speed ensures the service life of the unit, guarantees 8000 hours of annual operation and 60,000 hours of overhaul.


D88尊龙6. Intelligent management, with one key start, automatic closing and grid connection, automatic loading, remote monitoring and operation functions.


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