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1. The temperature of biomass is less than 40 C.


2. The biomass pressure ranges from 3 to 20 kpa, and the pressure change rate is less than 1 kpa/min.


D88尊龙3. H2S < 200mg/Nm?;


D88尊龙4. NH3 < 20mg/Nm?;


D88尊龙5. Tar content < 50mg/Nm?;


6. The particle size of impurities is less than 5 um and the content of impurities is less than 30 mg/Nm?.


7. Water content in biomass gas is less than 40 mg/Nm?;


D88尊龙8. Gas calorific value (> 4.2MJ/Nm?).



If the sulfur and ammonia content in biomass gas is high, it will not only severely corrode the spark plug electrode, but also increase the acid value in the oil, corrode the internal parts of the unit, and easily generate precipitates, which will increase the wear and corrosion of the gas engine.


Biomass gasification power generation technology is also called biomass power generation system. Briefly speaking, it is the technology of converting various low calorific value solid biomass energy resources (such as agricultural and forestry wastes, domestic organic waste, etc.) into biomass gas by gasification, and then into gas-fired power generation units after purification and cooling.


The biomass gasification power generation system is mainly composed of gasifier, gas purification system and biomass gas generator set.


Gasifier is a device that converts biomass energy from solid state to gas. After controlling the air supply in the gasifier, biomass is incinerated incompletely, and the conversion of low-value biomass energy from solid to gaseous is completed. The gasification process of biomass is completed by the formation of combustible gases including hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4) and polycarbons (CnHm).


The outlet temperature of gas produced by gasification varies with the type of gasifier, ranging from 350 to 650 degrees centigrade, and the gas contains impurities such as tar and dust which have not been completely cracked. In order to meet the requirement of long-term reliable operation of internal combustion engine, it is necessary to cool and purify the gas, so that the gas temperature can be reduced to below 40 degrees centigrade, the tar dust content can be controlled within 50 mg/Nm3, and the gas can be purified. After that, it enters the biomass gas generating unit to generate electricity.


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