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D88尊龙Preparations before start-up: check and adjust the whole unit before start-up, the connection and fixing of each component must be reliable, the cooling water system of the engine and the electric power system are firmly connected, no drip, no loosening, the switch is sensitive, the lubrication system is outstanding, the gas supply system and the ignition system are confirmed to be normal, otherwise the engine can be started only if it is repaired and adjusted correctly immediately.


After starting idle operation: after all ready for normal, turn on the gas valve, connect the power supply, turn on the key, press the button, you can engine group. When the unit is started, pay attention to the oil pressure gauge immediately. It must ensure that there is normal oil pressure. Never be careless. After starting, idle operation should be carried out for a period of time. First, it is used to investigate whether the operation of all parts is abnormal, whether there is abnormal sound, and deal with problems immediately. Idle speed is also used to make the machine warm up, especially in winter, which is very necessary, will be very conducive to the use of the machine.



Normal load output: When the idle speed is investigated and the unit has reached a certain temperature (the water thermometer can be investigated), the "throttle" can be operated to speed up the unit to the calibrated working speed, and the voltage and frequency of the unit can reach the calibrated value, then the unit can be closed to the outside world and the load can be output. In order to ensure that the external load is used when closing, it is suggested that the speed (frequency) of the empty car should be slightly higher before closing. When the load changes, pay attention to the governor "throttle" handle, that is, the potentiometer of the electronic governor, to adapt to the output, to ensure the stability of voltage and frequency.


1. The engine room of gas-fired generating units should be far away from the open fire area.


D88尊龙2. The engine room of gas-fired generating units should be spacious and bright, and ventilation fans should be installed to ensure excellent ventilation.


D88尊龙3. Flat cushion iron is used to leveling chassis and foundation when gas generator is assembled and installed. The contact area should be more than 60% and evenly distributed.


D88尊龙4. Explosion-proof measures should be adopted for indoor lighting, switches, circuits and electrical appliances, and they should be fixed and firm.


D88尊龙5. Fire extinguishers and other fire extinguishers should be equipped in the engine room of gas-fired generating units.


6. A flammable gas alarm device is installed in the engine room of a gas-fired generating unit, which can be detected in time when the flammable gas leaks.


The inner diameter of the main external pipeline of a single gas engine under 7 and 60 kW should be no less than 2 inches, and the inner diameter of the part near the engine should be no less than 1 inch. Gas-fired generating units above 60 kW are 3 inches and 2 inches respectively. It is also necessary to install gas valves (stainless steel ball valves), type drain valves and anti-tempering devices. The welding slag (high pressure air) should be sorted out after gas pipeline welding.


D88尊龙8. It is necessary to desulfurize, dehydrate and dust the gas, which contains less than 0.25Nm3 flow rate and less than 10% hydrogen.


9. It is necessary to use softening water for cooling water of gas generator.