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1. Adopting advanced computer module control, the technical level has reached the international advanced level. The whole process of biogas coming out of the biogas digester is detected and controlled to ensure the protection of the biogas generator set, the gas supply system and the power supply system.


2. The engine is designed strictly according to the international gas engine standard by adopting the international advanced technology, such as adopting different processing technology and materials for piston, cylinder liner and crankshaft.



D88尊龙3. Adopting gantry cast iron block, the problem of oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage of ordinary domestic biogas generator set has been completely solved.


4. The standard protection level of the generator is lP23, the insulation level of the winding is H, and the high-strength winding protection (wet winding process) ensures that the generator can still operate safely and normally under the relative humidity of 95%.


5. The generator set is equipped with professional flame arrester and zero pressure valve, which can effectively prevent unexpected incidents caused by operation errors.


6, perfect alarm and system protection function. It can detect and alarm the technical indexes such as overload, overspeed, overfrequency, three-phase unbalance, intake pressure and so on.

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