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In the work of Weichai gas generator, the valve can ensure that the engine can absorb as much gas or air as possible in the intake stage, and it is a necessary part of the whole gas distribution system in the compression and work stage of the engine. If the valve is malfunction, it will inevitably affect the operation of the whole Weichai gas generator set, and also obstruct the transmission of power stable, so the user must master some methods to repair the valve malfunction. From the professional point of view, we will introduce some basic methods of valve trouble shooting.

儀器測量法:濰柴燃氣發電機組一般使用的是螺紋接口式汽缸壓力表,使用時要先將汽缸壓力表螺紋接口旋入噴油器座孔內,然后用起動機帶動曲軸旋轉4~6s,使柴油機轉速保持在300r/min左右。這時汽缸壓力表所指示的壓力值就是被測汽缸的壓縮力。記下測量數值,然后再向汽缸內加入少量機油,轉動柴油發電機,如果測 得的壓力與正常什有明顯的差異,說明被測汽缸的氣門有故障。


D88尊龙The instrument measurement method: the Weichai gas generator unit usually uses the screw interface type cylinder pressure meter, when it is used, the cylinder pressure gauge thread interface should be swirled into the nozzle of the injector, then the crankshaft is rotated 4 ~ 6S with the starter, so that the diesel engine speed is kept at about 300r/min. The pressure value indicated by the cylinder pressure gauge is the compression force of the tested cylinder. The measured values are recorded, and then a small amount of oil is added to the cylinder to turn the diesel generator. If the measured pressure is distinctly different from that of the normal, the valve of the cylinder is broken down.

D88尊龙經驗排除法:判斷氣門是否發生故障要具備3個條件:濰柴燃氣發電機組在運轉過程中轉速不穩定,排氣管有“突、突”聲,排煙異常(冒黑煙或藍煙)。當柴油發電機組具備這3個條件后,再用單缸斷油法來確定出現故障的汽缸。首先分別斷開各缸的高壓油管,觀察各缸在斷開高壓油管前后工作狀態的變化。若某缸高壓油管斷開后排黑煙現 象消失或減弱,說明該缸有故障。若某缸高壓油管斷開后排黑煙或藍煙現象未消失,表明該缸沒有故障。若分別將各高壓油泵的油管斷開后未發現有故障的汽缸,則應從柴油機易發生的共性故障去分析。

Experience removal method: 3 conditions are required to judge whether the valve has trouble: the speed of the Weichai gas generator unit is unstable during the operation, the exhaust pipe has a "sudden, sudden" sound, and the smoke exhaust is abnormal (black smoke or blue smoke). When the diesel generating set has these 3 conditions, the single cylinder oil cut method is used to determine the faulty cylinder. First, the high pressure oil pipes of each cylinder are disconnected, and the working state of each cylinder before and after the high pressure oil pipe is observed. If the black smoke in the rear part of a cylinder is disconnected or weakened, it is indicated that the cylinder is defective. If the high pressure oil pipe of a cylinder is broken, the black smoke or blue smoke does not disappear, indicating that the cylinder is not defective. If the cylinder of each high-pressure oil pump is not broken after the cylinder is broken, it should be analyzed from the common failure of the diesel engine.


D88尊龙The valve plays an important role in Weichai gas generator set. Once a fault occurs, it is necessary to find professional staff immediately for repair. Valve is a fragile part. When a serious burn or break occurs, the same type of new product should be replaced. If there is too much carbon in the cone, the hourly or rusted area is small, it can be grinded by a valve grinder or by hand in order to achieve the effect of the valve seal combustor. The staff must be careful and patient during the inspection and repair. At the same time, we should pay attention to the summary and record of the problems and accumulate relevant experience in time in order to prevent the recurrence of the valve malfunction.