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D88尊龙White smoke refers to the exhaust smoke color is white, it is different from colorless, white is the white water vapor, indicating that smoke contains moisture or contains unburned fuel composition. White smoke showed a liquid bead state, and the diameter was slightly larger than that of blue smoke, generally larger than 1 m. White in light refraction, the white smoke of diesel engine is the intermediate product of unburned hydrocarbon (including fuel and lubricating oil), water vapor, and incomplete combustion (such as oxygen hydrocarbon). Besides the water vapor, they all belong to the particle category.



When the diesel engine starts at a cold start or at a cold state, the white smoke from the exhaust pipe is formed due to the low temperature of the diesel engine cylinder and the evaporation of oil and gas, especially in winter. When the diesel engine runs in severe cold weather, the temperature of the diesel engine is low and the temperature of the exhaust pipe is low. It is a normal phenomenon that the steam exhaust condenses into gas to form white exhaust. If the temperature of the diesel engine is normal and the exhaust pipe temperature is normal, the white smoke will still be discharged, which indicates that the diesel engine is not working properly and can be judged as a diesel engine fault. The main factors that affect their nature are:


6. When the diesel engine has just started, there is no combustion in individual cylinders (especially in winter). The unburned fuel mixture is discharged with the exhaust gas from other working cylinders to form water gas smoke.


7, wear of piston and cylinder liner seriously causes insufficient compression force, resulting in incomplete combustion.


8, there is water and air in the fuel. The water and air form an uneven fuel mixture with the fuel injection into the cylinder, and the combustion is incomplete, resulting in a large number of unburned hydrocarbon ejectors.


9, the cylinder liner has cracks or cylinder cushion damage. With the increase of cooling water temperature and pressure, the cooling water enters the cylinder. The formation of water mist or water vapour is easily formed when exhaust


10, the oil supply advance angle is too small. When the piston goes up to the top of the cylinder, there is too little fuel injected into the cylinder to form a thinner combustible mixture, and the delayed fuel injection reduces the amount of premixed fuel and reduces the pre mixing amount. The premix decreases, the burning rate decreases, and the combustion is finished later.

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