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D88尊龙1 high safety factor

D88尊龙非常安全可靠, 5年以上的使用實積. 包括寒冷的德國、挪威, 中東的以色列, 極熱的撒哈拉沙漠地區以至地震頻繁的日本!完全符合/優于各國相關的法規及行業要求。設有過壓安全閥及沼氣泄漏報警器。整個氣柜在工廠內制造及測試完畢, 保證質量沒有導軌, 沒有升降活塞,沒有壓重, 沒有維修!氣柜沒有水封/油封/彈簧, 不怕結冰, 不須加溫,不須調整! 不會產生負壓而引起塌頂、倒塌,完全可實現無人操作不產生污染, 沒有如濕式氣柜一樣產生大量含酚廢水, 造成二次污染 .

D88尊龙Very safe and reliable, the use of more than 5 years. The real product including cold Germany, Norway, Middle East, hot Sahara region and earthquake prone Japan! / fully comply with the regulations and industry than countries related requirements. An overvoltage safety valve and a methane leakage alarm are provided. After testing the whole cabinet manufacturing and quality assurance in the factory, no guide, no lifting piston, no pressure, no maintenance! No water / oil / gas spring, icing, without heating, does not need to be adjusted! No negative pressure caused by roof collapse, collapsed completely, can realize unmanned operation without pollution no, such as wet gas holder produces a large number of wastewater containing phenol, cause two pollution.


D88尊龙2 long service life



The service life of the inner membrane for more than 25 years is more than 20 years.


3 installation is convenient and quick

D88尊龙只需基本水泥基座, 數天時間即可完成安裝, 節省安裝費用及時間 (例子: 2個5,000 M3 氣柜于10天內安裝完成!) 安裝完成后可立刻投入使用

Only the basic cement dock, a few days to complete the installation, save installation cost and time (example: 2 5000 M3 holder within 10 days after the completion of the installation installation is complete!) can be put into use immediately.


D88尊龙4 save cost

柜內容量可以全部利用, 沒有死區,整體氣柜重量不大于5噸,大大簡化及節省基座的土建費用。(1000m3傳統干式/濕式氣柜僅僅鋼材即重30噸以上, 沒有濕式氣柜所須的大型水槽) 造價較傳統干式或濕式氣柜更便宜。

D88尊龙Tank capacity can be fully utilized, not dead, the whole cabinet weighs less than 5 tons, greatly simplify and save the construction cost. (large sink 1000m3 traditional dry / wet gas holder only that weighs more than 30 tons of steel, no wet gas holder required) cost than the traditional dry or wet gas holder cheaper.

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