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(1) biogas desulfurization and stable pressure and explosion-proof device: biogas contains a small amount of H2S, which has a strong corrosive effect on the engine, so the biogas used for the engine must go through the desulfurization device first.


D88尊龙Biogas as gas, its flow regulation is based on pressure difference. In order to make the regulation accurate, we should ensure that the pressure is stable when entering the engine, so we need to install a voltage stabilizing device on the biogas intake pipeline. In addition, in order to prevent the intake pipe backfire caused by the explosion of the biogas pipeline, the fireproof and explosion-proof device should be placed on the supply line of the biogas supply.



D88尊龙(2) intake system: on the intake manifold, a biogas air mixer shall be installed to regulate the air-fuel ratio and the intake volume of the mixture. The mixer should be adjusted accurately and sensitively.


(3) engine: biogas burning rate is very slow. If the organization of combustion process is unfavorable, the operation life of engine will be affected, so the biogas engine has higher requirement.


4) speed control system: operation situation of biogas engine and generator is in electrical equipment for load operation, the electric equipment loading and unloading will make the load fluctuation of biogas engine, in order to ensure the normal power generator, speed control system of biogas engine will not be less.


D88尊龙The condition of biogas fermentation is to meet the survival conditions of microbes and make them grow, develop, reproduce and metabolize in a suitable environment. Relatively stable in the fermentation conditions of microbial life activities more exuberant, the biogas produced more gas, more time - on the contrary, environmental conditions can not meet the needs of microbial life activities, biogas fermentation will stop, such as raw material dry matter concentration is too high, acid production increased, gas production will be blocked, or not gas production.


Therefore, when people make biogas, it is necessary to control the conditions of biogas fermentation and create a good living environment for biogas microbes.