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The oil usually passes through the gap between the piston ring and the ring groove, and the gap between the valve and the catheter enters the combustion chamber. The direct reason for its entry is that the first piston ring is near the top stop point because of its sharp decline in the speed of movement, so the lubricant attached to it will be thrown into the combustion chamber.


D88尊龙Therefore, the clearance between piston ring and piston, the amount of scraping and oil scraping of piston ring, the pressure of combustion chamber and the viscosity of oil are all closely related to the consumption of oil. If the oil consumption is found to be the following inspection, the problem is generally known and the problem can be solved quickly.



1., check whether the gasket of the connecting part of the diesel engine block and gear housing cover, the side of the row wheel, the rear cover, the cover and so on is not intact, and whether the screw at the joint is loose. If there is leakage in the position of the frame, to inspect the oil casing, the front end of the shell and check the main oil line round the same side, usually because of a screw loose, causing wheel protection and oil shell in the triangle under the pull frame angle produces long-term collision to form a gap caused by oil leakage phenomenon.


2. The wear of the valve tube of the diesel engine leads to the additional loss of the oil of the unit. Methane generating set, gas generator set, coking generator set, gas generator set


3. engine wear of diesel engine cylinder liner to form longitudinal stretch marks, bore and piston clearance exceeds the prescribed value, guide to supporting force of the piston ring is reduced, there scraping oil dirty phenomenon. Or because the oil ring inside the inner support twist spring break, the oil scraping net in combustion, makes the diesel engine difficult to start, blue smoke, respirator injection is serious, causing additional consumption of oil.

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