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In general, we need to do the drying after the tide, and we will introduce the way of drying.


D88尊龙1, the first one is the steady-state short-circuit current method. The method is to connect the three-phase to the outlet box in the outlet box after the generator is damp, and then increase the speed of the generator to the provisional speed, keep the same and adjust the excitation current.

先使定子短路電流 達到額定電流的50%~70%,保持4~5h,然后再增加勵磁電流,使短路電流達到額定值的80%一100%,使線圈溫度保持在85℃以下,每隔30min測量一次線圈的絕緣電阻和溫度,直到絕緣電阻達到規定值并穩定為止。

The stator circuit of rated current from 50% to 70%, maintained 4 ~ 5h, and then increase the excitation current, short circuit current reaches the rated value of 80% - 100%, the coil temperature is maintained at 85 DEG C, every 30min measurement a coil insulation resistance and temperature, until it reaches the specified value of insulation resistance and stability so far.



D88尊龙The 2 and the second way is to use oven (oven) baking method. Under some conditions, we can put the motor as a whole (preferably the stator and turn it open) into the oven (oven), and gradually heat up and bake. The oven (oven) should be able to ventilate.


D88尊龙To take away the moisture in the motor, and preferably the interlayer, the inner layer of the motor, and heating the outer layer. The temperature of the inner layer is maintained at 90 to 100 C, and there is no fire, smoke and other combustible and corrosive gases. It is generally required to bake 8 to 18h continuously, and the insulation resistance of several motors can be measured in the middle until it reaches the specified value and is stable.


D88尊龙The above two methods can solve the problem of damp of gas generator set to a certain extent, but the best thing is not to let the machine get damp. After all, once the machine gets wet, it will affect our later use.