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D88尊龙A hydraulic cylinder is a hydraulic actuator that turns hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and makes reciprocating motion in a straight line. Once the diesel generator hydraulic cylinder failure will seriously affect our normal operation, maintenance will affect our efficiency, let us look at the diesel generator hydraulic cylinder ring due to the following points:


D88尊龙1, air intrusion into the hydraulic system is the main cause of noise.



2, the overflow valve is not stable, such as slide valve and the valve hole with improper or cone valve and valve seat contact is dirt stuck, damping hole blocking, spring distortion or failure so that the valve is stuck or mobile. The valve hole, causing the system pressure fluctuations and noise.


D88尊龙3, reversing valve adjustment is inappropriate, so that the spool valve moves too fast, resulting in reversing impact, resulting in noise and vibration.


4, mechanical vibration, such as thin tubing, elbow without fixed in the oil flow through, especially when the flow rate is high, easy to cause the pipe wobbling; rotating part of the motor and hydraulic pump is not balanced, or when installed in a bad or loose coupling, can generate vibration and noise.


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