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First of all, the global energy supply and demand structure imbalances, leading to increased demand for gas-fired generating units. The problem of electrification rates is becoming more pronounced in the Middle East, Central Asia and Latin America, because these regions do not have the appropriate government and institutions to address these increasing population needs.



D88尊龙Second, the demand for energy efficiency for gas generating units provides an opportunity for gas generators to grow. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is gaining ground, and national policies to meet emissions standards have been well established. One of the most important ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is to generate electricity through efficient cleaning, which will boost the sales of gas turbines.


Finally, some specific application areas for gas turbines will also be growing. Some special gases, such as methane and landfill gas, although it is only a small part of the gas turbine, but these areas are growing steadily, and for market participants to provide new opportunities, especially in mature markets such as europe.


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