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Gas turbine gas generator set should be strictly according to the requirements, the use of clean, alkaline clean softened water as cooling water, dirt to cylinder head water cavity scale and sediment deposition, the cooling effect of the cylinder cover and even cause crack. Check and adjust the valve clearance to understand and master the wear and tear of each cylinder intake and exhaust valve.



When starting the engine at low temperatures, heat the engine coolant water and oil to above 20 degrees. In addition, the wheel should be manually transferred to the crankshaft for 12 weeks before starting. No abnormal phenomenon can be started. Idle running time is not too long during use. Because of long-term low temperature engine idling, oil will produce a gelatinous material attached to the valve and the valve conduit wall, the valve movement is blocked, after stopping the valve is often stuck, if then start the engine valve mechanism will be an accident. This phenomenon is most likely to occur when air temperature is low or engine oil quality is poor.


D88尊龙When the gas generator starts the oil supply before the engine starts, open the cylinder head to cover the shell and observe if the oil is flowing out of the rocker liner. If it is found to be out of oil, it should be removed immediately. Observe the size of the oil storage in the lower cover of the cylinder head. There should be no accumulation when normal. If there is any obstruction to the back of the cylinder head, it should be cleaned in time to keep the oil flowing back.


The gas turbine with a cylinder head cover, check work: if the individual cylinder abnormal or just to repair or replace the cylinder cover, cylinder head cover should be open, check: the normal work of the cylinder without this check.


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