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Gas is a common fuel in our daily life, including liquefied gas, natural gas, gas and so on. But at the same time, the use of gas should also pay attention to safety.


1, the family allocation of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, stoves, pressure reducing valve, rubber hoses, etc., must be purchased in line with relevant state regulations, approved by the municipal management of authentic products.


2, the replacement of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, should be checked in accordance with the first check valve seal, rubber pad is intact, and then connected to the pressure reducing valve, and check whether the rubber hose aging, and then connected to the cooker, open the cylinder angle valve.


D88尊龙3, the use of liquefied gas cooker, should be in accordance with the first ignition, after opening the cooker switch sequence.



D88尊龙4, the use of liquefied gas to some people care, prevent the soup boil, extinguished the flame, the liquefied gas leak, causing fire and explosion accidents.


5, not allowed to adjust the pressure reducing valve, we should always pay attention to and educate children, do not play with the cylinder angle valve and cooker switch.


D88尊龙6, if in the room suddenly smell a "foul smell", this shows that liquefied petroleum gas leakage. Use soap and water to smear the connection, do not use open flame leak.


7, the discovery of gas leakage, it is necessary to immediately turn off the valve, quickly open doors and windows, strengthen ventilation, strictly prohibit all fire into the room.


D88尊龙8, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders in carrying the way to light, handle, not rolling on the ground, collision.


9, the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder is prohibited to use boiling water heating, fire and sun. Not allowed to pour residue horizontally, and violent shaking.


10, the use of liquefied petroleum gas in the kitchen, not at the same time the use of other fires.


D88尊龙11. No liquid gas cylinder and use range are forbidden in the bedroom.


12, because rubber hose fall off or aging cracks and leak, cause burning, should immediately turn off the valve, cut off the gas source, the fire will go out.


13, once the valve leak fire, you can use dry powder fire extinguisher at the root of the fire spray, or with wet quilts, blankets and other coverage. Or immediately wipe off the valve with a wet towel.


14, often check liquefied gas, cooking utensils and other parts are normal.


15, after the use of liquefied petroleum gas, should promptly switch off the cooker.


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