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As we all know, biogas generating units are commonly used gas generating units, widely used in marsh areas and sewage treatment plants and other places. In the summer, it will be found that the biogas generator unit appears too high temperature and water temperature is too high. If the temperature is too high, it will lead to the service life and equipment failure of the biogas generator set. On the maintenance of biogas generator units in the summer, the small series for you to introduce a few points?:


D88尊龙1, the installation should be with the external circuits of power supply chain power generator, switching device can be set or double power distribution box, non parallel operation, after work should be cut off to prevent the occurrence of various types of machinery and equipment, all kinds of electric shock accident.



D88尊龙2, generator disassembly method and induction motor are roughly the same, but because of the weight of a large generator, and should pay attention not to damage, remove the cover, careful not to bruise on the base at the protruding stator coil; remove the rotor, the stator and rotor between the pad to the board, to prevent damage to the core and winding, in use cable lashing turn word, cable must not touch the rotor shaft neck, fan, electric slide and wire transfer set.


3, the summer is relatively hot and humid, pay attention to the biogas generator can not affect the normal ventilation and cooling, often cleaning, ventilation duct dust, dirt, keep unimpeded.


4, summer thunderstorm season, going to work in the local biogas generator set do on-site lightning protection work, all kinds of mechanical equipment and construction must be done in accordance with the provisions of lightning grounding, power unit to zero protection.


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