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Summer is the peak period of electricity, in order to allocate use of electricity, most will adopt the way of electricity, but for production enterprises, will undoubtedly influence enterprise production efficiency, so most companies will choose to purchase generator as a backup power, to achieve power, necessary fuel is diesel, diesel generator set installation, need to pay attention to the installation of the tank. 


So what do you need to be aware of when the gas tank is installed? 


D88尊龙One, the fuel tank's supply of oil should be higher than the bottom of the gas tank at about 50MM, to prevent sediment and water from being sucked into the oil pipe. 



D88尊龙Second, the tank location must be safe to prevent fire, tank or oil drums shall be separately in a visible place, appropriate away from diesel generator set, and strict rules no smoking; 


Three, after the tank is placed, the highest oil level can't its 2.5 m higher than diesel generating sets the base, such as large oil depot oil level is higher than 2.5 m, should be in between big oil and diesel generator set daily-use oil tank and make the oil directly to send the pressure of not more than 2.5 meters. Even when diesel generators are shut down, fuel oil is not allowed to rely on gravity, which flows into diesel engines through a pipeline or a pipeline. 


D88尊龙The fuel oil and oil return area shall have a perforated partition to reduce the heat exchange of the gas generator set. 


The connection between fuel oil and oil tube road should not cause the fuel shock wave in the fuel oil line. In order to better use diesel generating sets, improve the work efficiency of the generating set reasonable placed in the tank plays an important role, so we cannot ignore in the installation process, and the need of more attention. 


D88尊龙The resistance of the oil mouth is not allowed to exceed the specified value of the clean filter on the performance data sheet of all natural gas generator sets. The resistance is based on a fuel tank that is half the fuel oil. 


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