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D88尊龙  燃氣發電機組是目前適應世界環保要求和市場新環境而開發的新型發電機組。這種大型的燃氣發電機組,而燃氣發電機組主要分為兩種:1、燃氣內燃機發電機組2、聯合循環燃氣輪機發電機組。燃氣內燃機突出的優點正是發電效率比較高,其次是設備集成度高,安裝快捷,對于氣體中的粉塵要求不高,基本不需要水,設備的單位千瓦造價也比較低。

D88尊龙The gas generator set is a new type of generating set that is currently used in the world environmental protection requirement and the new environment of the market. The gas generating units are divided into two main types: 1, gas internal-combustion engine unit 2, combined cycle gas turbine generator set. Gas internal combustion engine is the most prominent advantages is the efficiency is higher, the second is the integration of the equipment are high, fast installation, for dust in the gas demand is not high, basic don't need water, equipment unit kw cost is relatively low. 



D88尊龙The power of gas turbine generators is large, mainly used in large and medium-sized power stations, mainly in small distributed power stations. Generally make full use of all kinds of natural gas or harmful gas as a fuel, into, safe and convenient operation, high cost efficiency, low emission pollution, its market prospect is very broad. 

D88尊龙  在日常的燃氣發電機組維修過程中,需特別注意以下三個方面的檢查和保養:

D88尊龙In the maintenance of daily gas generation unit, special attention should be paid to the inspection and maintenance of the following three aspects: 


D88尊龙Check and adjust the relevant clearance and Angle. It is mainly the inspection and adjustment of spark plug gap, valve clearance and air timing. 


Inspection and maintenance of air filters. Air filter if work well, will effectively avoid supercharging pressure drop caused by large air intake resistance is too large, causing the turbocharger oil leakage phenomenon: also can avoid caused by reduced flow turbocharger compressor surge phenomenon. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the air filter regularly and replace the new filter when necessary. Paper filters can be removed in moist areas. 


The inspection and maintenance of lubrication system. Attention should be paid to monitor the oiliness of the lubricating oil system, oil level, oil moderate oil pressure situation, pay attention to the centrifugal filter and oil filter cleaning, avoid caused by poor lubrication unit parts wear, shorten the service life of the unit components, increase maintenance workload. 


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