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D88尊龙  若機組在低負荷下運行,隨著運行時間的延續,會出現以下故障:

  If the unit under low load operation, as a continuation of the running time, can appear the following failures:


D88尊龙  1.活塞—汽缸套密封不好,機油上竄,進入燃燒室燃燒,排氣冒藍煙。

D88尊龙  1. The piston - cylinder liner seal is bad, the oil is up, burning into the combustion chamber, the exhaust blue smoke.

D88尊龙  2.對于增壓式柴油機,由于低載、空載,增壓壓力低。容易導致增壓器油封(非接觸式)的密封效果下降,機油竄入增壓室,隨同進氣進入汽缸。

  2. For a turbocharged diesel engine, due to low load and no-load, boost pressure is low. Easy to cause the supercharger oil seal (non-contact) sealing effect to drop, the oil into the pumping chamber, along with the air inlet into the cylinder.


D88尊龙  3. Up to the part of the cylinder oil burnt, part of the oil can't complete combustion, at the top of the valve, inlet, piston, piston ring, the place such as carbon deposit formation, and part with the exhaust. In this way, the cylinder jacket exhaust passage for oil will gradually accumulate, also can form carbon deposit.


  4. The supercharger turbo indoor oil accumulation to a certain degree, is seeping from the combination of the supercharger surface.


  5. Small load operation for a long time, will lead to the moving parts wear more serious, combustion engine overhaul period of early consequences such as environmental degradation.


  Diesel generator set, therefore, no matter the naturally aspirated type or booster type use should minimize the low load/no-load running time, and the minimum load cannot be lower than 25% - 30% of the rated power unit.