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  Small make up on today is about the topic of energy, just like everyone see biogas power generation, and today, small make up of biogas power generation units made a detailed explanation.沼氣發電機組


D88尊龙  Biogas power generation, in fact, is to use some of the life and industrial waste to generate electricity, and the energy saving and environmental protection, is advocated by modern society. And biogas generator set will be a mixture of methane gas in the "air" within the cylinder compression, and burn it with the spark plug, power is obtained by the reciprocating movement of the piston, then connect the generator to produce electricity. It doesn't need other additives to help, but the cost is low. Special design adopts international advanced technology, the biogas generator set of piston, cylinder liner, connecting rod, crankshaft and inlet valve, is adopted different processing technology and materials to do; Unit also USES the steyr and in accordance with the original accessories, quality is much higher than the general development level of biogas generators; In addition, the unique air-fuel ratio control system, the requirements for methane concentration in the lower; At the time of discharge, is relatively low; Finally, on the ignition system, and also USES the domestic famous brand, ignition coil, the use of the high tension line, improve the system stability and longevity of the gas generator. The biogas generator set both practical and advanced.


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