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  Diesel generating units to pay attention to the key points, the following small series for you to explain:

D88尊龙  1,15min功率:即柴油機允許運行15min的大功率。短時間內可能超負荷運行和要求具有加速性能的標定功率,如汽車、摩托車等柴油機的標定功率。

  1,15min power: the diesel engine allows the maximum power to run 15min. In a short period of time, the power of the calibration power, such as the automobile, motorcycle and other diesel engine, can be overloaded and required.


  2,1h power: the maximum available power of a diesel engine that permits the continued operation of 1h. Such as calibration power wheel tractors, locomotives, marine diesel engine.


D88尊龙  3,12h power: maximum power that diesel engine allows continuous operation of 12h, we often say that the rated power. Such as power plant units, engineering machinery diesel engine rated power.

D88尊龙  4,持續功率:即柴油機允許長時間持續運行的大有功率。

  4, namely: the maximum continuous power diesel engine allows long time continuous operation of power.

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