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D88尊龙  What are some of the things that need to be noticed when the gas turbine is shut down? Users often think that the problem is not a button down, so often ignored the attention of the unit shutdown. That the following us Ji'nan gas power generation set of small manufacturers to introduce you to the gas turbine is needed to pay attention to what matters.

D88尊龙  1、首先要做的是卸載:機組停機前,要先卸去負荷。

D88尊龙  the first thing to do is to uninstall: shutdown before should first load.


  the idle running: under the rated speed running a few minutes, after the initial cooling, idle / rated switch under the "idle" position, make unit idle running. Make the water temperature and oil temperature drop down.

D88尊龙  3、切斷氣源:當機組“水溫”、“油溫”降低到60℃以下后,關閉手動燃氣閥門。剩余的燃氣可使機組繼續運行1、2分鐘,燃氣耗盡后,機組將自動停機。

  cut off the gas supply: when the unit is "water" and "oil" is reduced to 60 DEG C, closed manual gas valve. The remaining gas can continue to run the unit 1, 2 minutes, after the gas is exhausted, the unit will be automatically shut down.

D88尊龙  4、停機后,將控制屏面板上的鑰匙關畢。

D88尊龙  after the shutdown, the control panel will be the key to the control panel.


D88尊龙  in addition to the occurrence of a car or workplace accidents such as gas and other accidents, under normal circumstances is strictly prohibited without load.


D88尊龙  if the need for long-term storage after parking, should be the unit's cooling water and oil on the net, the unit surface treatment, the relevant parts of the seal oil, so as not to rust parts.


  emergency stop. Normal operation of generating units, not in the normal shutdown steps down all belong to an emergency shutdown. There are two main kinds of situations: (1) because of the reason of the failure of the generator set for speeding and low oil pressure, the automatic alarm is stopped. (2) in the process of using, when the emergency situation that endangers the safety of the person and equipment is encountered, the power generation operation personnel press the "emergency stop" button, and the human set stop. Measures to deal with the emergency shutdown: cut off the power supply, turning tool human disc turn crankshaft, also with a hand pump oil pump, belt unit water temperature, oil temperature dropped below 60 DEG C, in check processing.


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