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D88尊龙  今天我們濟南沼氣發電機組廠家小編給大家介紹的是柴油發電機組“三漏”維修技巧:

D88尊龙  Today, we Ji'nan small series of biogas generator set to introduce to you is a diesel generator "three leakage" maintenance skills:


D88尊龙  Repair diesel generator sets, control and solve the "three leakage" problem, can take the "five words" criterion, that is, strict, clean, wipe, grinding, tight.


D88尊龙  clean parts before assembly must be clean, to prevent impurities. If the valve and valve seat contact zone and enter the small debris, not only will spill, also directly affect the engine work.

D88尊龙  2.緊:密封裝置的緊度要適宜,不能過緊或過松。如柴油發電機組的各種接觸面和密封螺母等,必須保持適宜的緊度。

D88尊龙  tight seal tightness to fit, not too tight or too loose. Such as diesel generator sets of various contact surfaces and sealing nut, etc, must maintain the appropriate degree of tightness.

D88尊龙  3.抹:在石棉墊、紙墊、各種螺塞和漏油處涂抹石棉油。抹石棉油時要薄而均勻,不要太厚,也不要把墊的整個面都抹上,只需涂抹漏油的局部。

  wipe: paint stone in asbestos pad, pad of paper, all kinds of plugs and oil. Stone cotton to wipe thin and uniform, not too thick, also do not have to pad the whole face with, only apply the local oil spill.


D88尊龙  grinding: grinding or milling parts of the combination surface, its role is to restore the surface finish and precision, so that the oil pipe joint or gasket can be kept sealed after grinding, no oil leakage.


  strict: the removal and installation of parts to be strict requirements, to comply with the rules of operation, is strictly prohibited disorderly knock on. If the screw bolt, to the order and several times, do not have a few times in order to prevent the distortion of the deformation.


D88尊龙  We will as in the past to provide customers with more attractive products and high quality service, together to create a bright bright prospect ahead we look forward to working with you!