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D88尊龙  沼氣發電機組施工安全措施,你知道多少呢?

  Biogas generating units construction safety measures, you know how much it?


  1, start the construction personnel of organizations experience for all construction equipment, instruments to conduct a comprehensive inspection, unqualified person are not allowed to use.

D88尊龙  2、本工程開工前,對全體施工人員進行一次入場前的安全教育,介紹工程概況,認真學習施工組織設計和有關國家安全法規,使全體施工人員對安全在思想上引起高度重視。

  2, the project, once before entering the safety education for all construction personnel, project overview, seriously study the construction organization design and relevant national safety regulations, the safety attach great importance in terms of ideology construction of the whole staff.


  A good security must be 3, a day before classes, the class leader arranged the production tasks, personnel allocation and control about engineering key link, by the security staff according to the project contents and characteristics, to identify safety weakness, to remind the workers aroused high attention in the construction, so that the safety of construction.


  4, forbidden to drink posts.

D88尊龙  5、進入施工現場,禁止吸煙。

D88尊龙  5, in the construction site, no smoking.


  6, strictly prohibit illegal operation, illegal command.


D88尊龙  Cable 7, in the process of construction shall not escape, can not appear leakage phenomenon, no vehicle rolling, and take measures to protect.


  8, the construction site of the electrical equipment must be according to the requirements of reliable ground protection.

D88尊龙  9、進入施工現場的設備必須經過確認且有完好標示,并做到經常檢查、經常保養、擺放整齊,做好維修檢查記錄。

  9, enter the equipment of construction site must be approved by and well marked, and make regular inspection, regular maintenance, neat, well repair inspection record.

D88尊龙  10、所有施工人員在施工時一定自我保護,互相保護,做到“三不傷害”。

D88尊龙  10, all construction personnel in the construction of a certain self protect, protect each other, do the "three no harm".


  11, the construction site must be set well enough lighting. The dark, damp location should be used safety lighting.


D88尊龙  12, the construction site must be well equipped with fire extinguishers, fire prevention tools, and a fire head.

D88尊龙  13、所有施工人員在施工過程中必須嚴格遵守勞動記錄,施工時不準打鬧,要堅持工作崗位,服從指揮,未經項目經理和班組長的同意不得私自離崗。

  13, all construction personnel in the construction process must strictly abide by the labor records, construction is not allowed to play, to work, to obey the command, not by the project manager and team leader agree is allowed to leave.

D88尊龙  14、電氣作業人員不得帶點作業,作業時要有人員監護。

  14, electrical workers shall not with homework, homework should be monitored.


D88尊龙  15, oxygen, acetylene bottle safety distance of not less than 5 meters, and take protective measures after construction, close the valve.


D88尊龙  16, electrical equipment after power-off, switchboard locking, electrical equipment must be in the equipment load line end set leakage protection device, ensure the safe use of electricity.


D88尊龙  17, special types of staff, must participate in the construction of the trained documented appointment.

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