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D88尊龙  What are the considerations of the gas turbine generator set? Below small make up for you to explain:

D88尊龙  1、燃氣發電機組機房應遠離明火區域;

D88尊龙  1, the gas generator room should be away from the fire area;


  2, the gas generator room should be spacious, bright and require the installation of ventilator to ensure good ventilation;

D88尊龙  3、燃氣發電機組安裝時底盤與地基應用平墊鐵找平。接觸面積應在60%以上,且分布均勻;

  Install 3 gas generator, chassis and application foundation of flat iron pad leveling. The contact area should be in 60% above, and uniform distribution;

D88尊龙  4、室內安裝照明、開關、線路及其電器應采用防爆措施,且固定牢固;

D88尊龙  4, indoor installation of lighting, switches, circuit and electrical appliances should use explosion-proof measures, and firm fixation;


  5, the gas turbine engine room should comply with fire safety requirements, equipped with fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment;

D88尊龙  6、燃氣發電機組機房內安裝可燃氣體報警裝置,可燃氣體泄露時能及時發現;

D88尊龙  6, the gas generator room to install the combustible gas alarm, combustible gas leak can be found in a timely manner;


D88尊龙  The external main pipe diameter below 60kW 7, a single gas engine gas pipeline shall be not less than 2 inches in diameter, part near the engine should be not less than 1 inches! 60kW gas generator is respectively 3 inch and two inch. And you must install the gas valve (stainless steel ball valve), anti tempering device type drain valve, gas pipeline welding completed, should clean welding slag (with high pressure air);


  8, the gas must be desulfurization, dehydration, dust, including flow rate ≤ 0.25Nm3 ≤ 10%, hydrogen.

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