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  Diesel generator set the use of diesel attention, the following small series for you to explain:


  (1) to maintain the cleanliness of diesel oil. Before using the oil filling diesel, to go through the full precipitation, precipitation time in more than 3 days. Refueling should also be carefully filtered to prevent the mixing of mechanical impurities. In the operation of storage containers and refueling tools should be kept clean.


  (2) different label of diesel can be mixed. Different label of diesel oil can be mixed to use, and according to the appropriate allocation of air temperature, to make full use of resources. The average but should pay attention to blending after two grade diesel pour point is not value than the two average slightly higher. In winter the lack of low pour point diesel, kerosene cracking can also be incorporated in 40% in the No. 0 diesel (kerosene), can obtain -10 diesel.


D88尊龙  (3) diesel generator set can not be mixed with gasoline. In the presence of gasoline, the combustion performance will be significantly worse, resulting in difficult to start, and even can not be started. Gasoline into the cylinder will also scour the cylinder lubricating oil film, to accelerate the wear of the cylinder.


  (4) as far as possible to select a good diesel. Use of diesel oil, should try to use high quality or grade (sulfur content less than 0.2% and 0.5% respectively) in order to reduce the corrosion of diesel oil.

D88尊龙  創造優良的產品,是我們的一慣追求,長期以來公司以高質量的產品和優良的服務贏得了國內外客戶的信任。

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