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D88尊龙  Biogas power generation unit is one of the main business of our company, our products are of good quality, price concessions, is your best choice. The following small series for you to explain about the advanced nature and practicality of biogas power generation unit.

D88尊龙  1、采用先進技術特殊設計,比如對活塞、缸套、連桿、曲軸、   進氣門均采用了不同的加工工藝和材料,根據具體的要求做了不同程度的強化;

  1, the use of international advanced technology and special design, such as the piston, cylinder, connecting rod, crankshaft, intake valves are used in different processing technology and materials, according to the specific requirements of different degrees of strengthening;


D88尊龙  2, equipped with the United States import proportion mixer, in order to complete the good mixing of gas and air and its combustion, to ensure the stability of the unit, safe and efficient operation;

D88尊龙  3、機組采用斯太爾和道依茨原裝配件,質量遠遠高于一般國產沼氣發電機組水平;

  3, unit by Steyr and DEUTZ original accessories, quality is far higher than the general level of domestic biogas power generation unit;

D88尊龙  4、獨特的空燃比調速系統,對甲烷濃度要求更低,可適用甲烷含量30%-70%的可燃氣體;

  4, unique air fuel ratio control system, the requirement for methane concentration is lower, can be applied to the methane content of 30%-70% combustible gas;


  5, emissions of low, nitrogen oxygen compound concentration in 500-800ppm or so, close to the international advanced level;


  6, ignition system using domestic well-known brands, including spark plug, high pressure, high pressure line, greatly improved the stability and life of the system.


  The above is the introduction of the biogas generating units of the advanced nature and practical knowledge, I hope to help you! At the same time, we would like to perfect management, perfect quality, perfect service with you hand in hand, a total of development, and a sincere welcome to all walks of life come to observe and negotiate business.