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D88尊龙  Unreasonable operation, long operation, lack of maintenance and maintenance are the root cause of the failure of gas turbine. To strengthen the maintenance and repair of the unit is a key factor in maintaining the normal operation of the unit, China today is to introduce factors affecting the life of gas generator:

D88尊龙  1、燃料不純潔,易造成噴嘴積碳燒死;活塞頂部積碳,氣門座圈積碳,發動機燃燒系統密封不良,動力性能下降;

  1, the fuel is not pure, easy to cause the nozzle carbon burn; piston top carbon carbon combustion engine valve seat, sealing system bad dynamic performance decline;


  2, the working environment is poor, such as multi dust, etc, easy to cause air filter plug, the engine heat sink blocked, resulting in high temperature engine;


  3, the engine is cold not hot, sudden throttle, lubrication system didn't work properly, causing rapid wear of engine parts;

D88尊龙  4、潤滑油質量不達標,潤滑質量無法滿足發動機的工作需要,造成發動機早期磨損;

  4, the quality of lubricating oil is not up to the standard, the quality of lubrication can not meet the engine's work needs, resulting in early wear of the engine;


D88尊龙  5, the engine for a long time, overload fatigue, resulting in excessive wear and tear of the engine parts;


D88尊龙  6, not on time maintenance.


  The factors that affect the life of the gas turbine are various, and the introduction may not be comprehensive, but it includes most of the reasons.