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D88尊龙  雙燃料沼氣發電機組將“空氣燃燒氣體”的混合物在氣缸內壓縮,用點火燃料使其燃燒,通過活塞的往復運動得到動力,然后連接發電機發電。下面小編為您介紹一下雙燃料沼氣發電機組的優點。

D88尊龙  The double fuel gas generator sets the mixture of the air combustion gas in the air cylinder to compress, and the ignition fuel is used for combustion, and the power is obtained by the reciprocating motion of the piston. The following small series for you to introduce the advantages of dual fuel gas generator.

D88尊龙  1、用液體燃料或氣體燃料都可工作。

  1, the use of liquid fuel or gas fuel can work.


  2, the changes in the yield of methane and methane concentration can be adapted to.

D88尊龙  3、如由用氣體燃料轉為用柴油燃料在停止工作,發電機組內不殘留未燃燒的氣體,因為餓耐腐蝕性好。

D88尊龙  3, such as by the use of gas fuel to use diesel fuel in the work, the power generation unit is not left without burning gas, because of the good corrosion resistance.

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