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1. Feasibility analysis of coalbed methane (gas) generating units:

煤層氣在煤礦稱為煤礦瓦斯。依據新的資源評價結果,我國陸上煤層氣資源量36.8萬億立方米,與陸上常規自然氣資源量(38萬億立方米)相當,僅次于俄羅斯和加拿大。煤層氣的主要成分是甲烷,甲烷在空氣中的濃度到達5%-16%時,遇明火就會爆炸,這是煤礦瓦斯爆炸事故的本源。 煤層氣不加以應用,直接排放到大氣中,其溫室效應約為二氧化碳的21倍。煤礦瓦斯發電,既能夠有效地處理煤礦瓦斯事故、改善煤礦平安消費條件,又有利于增加干凈能源供給、減少溫室氣體排放,到達維護生命、維護資源、維護環境的多重目的。

Coalbed methane is called coal mine gas in coal mine. According to the new resource evaluation results, China's onshore CBM resources amount to 36.8 trillion cubic meters, which is equivalent to the onshore conventional natural gas resources (38 trillion cubic meters), second only to Russia and Canada. The main component of coalbed methane is methane. When the concentration of methane in the air reaches 5%-16%, it will explode in open fire, which is the source of coal mine gas explosion accident. The greenhouse effect of coal bed methane (CBM) is about 21 times that of carbon dioxide (CO2) when it is discharged directly into the atmosphere without application. Coal mine gas power generation can not only effectively deal with coal mine gas accidents, improve the safe consumption conditions of coal mine, but also help to increase the supply of clean energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve multiple purposes of maintaining life, resources and environment.


2. Conditions for application:

低濃度瓦斯氣源條件:低濃度瓦斯氣保送壓力5~15kPa,壓力變化率≤1kPa/min,變化速率≤5%/min;雜質粒度≤5μm,雜質含量≤30mg/Nm3, 水分含量≤40mg/Nm3,不含游離水,煤氣溫度≤40℃,含硫量≤20mg/Nm3。

Low concentration gas source conditions: low concentration gas delivery pressure 5-15 kPa, pressure change rate less than 1 kPa/min, change rate less than 5%/min; impurity size less than 5 micron, impurity content less than 30 mg/Nm3, moisture content less than 40 mg/Nm3, free water, gas temperature less than 40 C, sulfur content less than 20 mg/Nm3.


D88尊龙3. Technical characteristics of products:



(1) Compliance with the gas concentration range of 8%-30%, suitable for the characteristics of large shaking of CBM gas source, can ensure the constant output power of the unit.


(2) Low concentration gas delivery system, using flame cold wall extinguishing and fire suppression, wet water seal and wet water mist accompanying measures to ensure the safety of the delivery, as for the pipelines with long interval of delivery, can also use mixed water mist accompanying to deal with.


(3) Using electronic control mixer technology and closed-loop automatic control technology, the real-time control of air-to-air ratio and ignition advance angle of gas-fired starter can be completed. The optimal control of ignition advance angle can be completed through detonation monitoring, so that the starter works in a state, avoiding the problems of deflagration, tempering of intake pipe and firing of exhaust pipe.


D88尊龙(4) The ignition system consumed by ALTRONIC Company of the United States is adopted to obtain high ignition energy and accurate ignition time to ensure the safety and reliability of ignition.


D88尊龙(5) The low speed of the generator set reduces the wear of the starter, prolongs the service life of the parts and reduces the storage of spare parts;


(6) Double-layer water-cooled exhaust pipe structure, low exhaust temperature, plenty of quenching, average exhaust temperature of each cylinder.


(7) Coalbed methane (CBM) initiator has developed an intelligent management system for gas initiator, which can ensure safe and efficient operation of gas initiator and complete remote monitoring of gas initiator.

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