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1. Gas-fired generating units shall not be inspected for cylinder shutdown during operation, nor shall they be taken when the machine is in operation.


Lower the high-voltage line, which will form a signal hazard to people and machines.


2. We should adhere to the cleaning of high-voltage parts of gas-fired generating units, such as high-voltage packs, high-voltage wires and high-voltage caps, in order to prevent them from happening.


Discharge of high voltage to ground causes machine fire.



3. Rolling bearings are mounted on the front and rear end covers, which are smooth and greasy with compound calcium base. It should be replaced every 750 hours. The filling quantity should not be too much, especially in the back cover of the rolling bearing. If the filling quantity is too much, it will easily form a smooth grease spill. Splashing on the sliding ring will cause bad contact and affect the performance of the generator.


D88尊龙4. Gas generator windings are made of polyester enameled wire with high strength, allowing temperature rise of 105 C. Therefore, the absolute temperature of the generator winding is allowed to reach ambient temperature + 105 C. Therefore, checking whether the temperature rise of the generator is normal during normal operation can not be simply determined by the feeling of touch by hand.


5. When gas-fired engine is running, it is not allowed to use screwdriver (screwdriver) and other metal articles to connect the positive pole with the casing or negative pole to check whether there is spark to judge whether the generator can generate electricity, which is easy to burn out the components.


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