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(1) Generation Principle of Domestic Gas Generators
The main components of gas are alkanes, of which methane occupies the vast majority, and a few are ethane, propane and butane. In addition, there are hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water. There are also some inert gases, such as helium, argon and so on. Gas is a superficial term for natural gas, which can be roughly divided into liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and gas, which exist in all aspects of people's lives and play a very important role.
Gas generating units can be divided into low-concentration gas generating units and high-concentration gas generating units according to the concentration of gas. Low-concentration gas generating units refer to those whose gas concentration is less than 25%, while high-concentration gas generating units refer to those whose gas concentration is higher than 25%. Easy to use.
(2) Elements to limit the unit generating condition of domestic gas generating units
According to the above data, the reasons why domestic gas generating units did not reach the designed expected power generation are detailed and the atmosphere is the following:


(1) The gas components contained in gas generating units in China may contain water, resulting in unstable gas concentration, high and low gas entering the internal, and other obstructive gases such as carbon dioxide. As a result, the fuel existing in gas internal combustion engines can not be sufficiently extinguished and local heat loss greatly reduces the unit gas of gas generating units. Generation power.
(2) The excessive temperature of exhaust gas from gas production in China and the lack of waste heat recovery system result in the waste of heat resources of many fuels.
(3) Gas generating units are relatively low in areas with higher altitude. In addition to the obstacles of wind and sand and other harsh environments, there is a certain friction between the relevant parts of the gas generating units, which greatly reduces the mechanical efficiency of the units, thus affecting the output power of the gas generating units.
(4) Whether the components of the gas generating unit can be under normal level, whether the device can comply with strict assembly specifications and other aspects will have a certain impact on the inertia of each component of the gas generating unit, thus limiting the power generation status of the gas generating unit.
(5) The selection of cooling system will affect the reduction of several calories in the cooling of gas generating units. To a certain extent, under the normal operation of gas generating units, proper reduction of cooling medium can effectively improve the working efficiency of gas generating units.
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