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In response to the request of biogas generator for biogas, the disposal system in front of the biogas generator to deal with the contradiction between the gas source side and the gas side is an effective way to deal with the application of biogas generating units. The following two aspects are mainly manifested today:

D88尊龙1 降低氣體的相對濕度

D88尊龙1. Reducing the relative humidity of gases


The removal of water can be divided into two parts: the removal of condensate water and the removal of non-condensate water. The former can be accomplished by steam-water separator, while the latter is more complex. At present, there are mainly the following ways:


D88尊龙(a) Low temperature dehumidification: the refrigeration equipment reduces the temperature of the gas, condensates the water vapor in it, and then sweeps the system;


D88尊龙(b) Adsorption: Water in the gas is separated by adsorbent with strong adsorbing effect on water.



(c) Membrane filtration: Water is separated from gases under specific conditions using specially constructed membrane data.

2 降低氣體雜質成分含量

D88尊龙2. Reducing the content of impurities in gases


Impurities in gases are comparatively complex components. Because they are for the application of the initiator, the identification of impurities is mainly based on the request of the initiator. There are the following main types:


(a) Removal of sulphur:

D88尊龙以硫化氫為主的硫化物的去除主要有物理、化學以及生物三種方式。其中物理辦法主要指物理吸附方式脫硫,這種方式操作煩瑣,但常常需求占地較大的設備,而且吸附劑需求再生。化學方式指以化學反響的方式將硫固化下來,目前有干法及濕法,其差異主要是反響物的物理形態是固體還是液體的差異。生物法脫硫是目前比擬新興的一種方式,其主要原理是在反響罐中培育出適宜的菌種,這些菌種以硫化物為養料,將其中的硫固定下來。 關于硫含量不高的氣體,采用物理吸附或者干法脫硫普通比擬經濟適用,而且操作煩瑣。

D88尊龙The removal of hydrogen sulfide mainly includes physical, chemical and biological methods. Physical method mainly refers to physical adsorption desulfurization, which is cumbersome to operate, but often requires larger equipment, and adsorbent needs regeneration. Chemical means that sulfur is solidified by chemical reaction. At present, there are dry and wet methods. The main difference is whether the physical form of the reactant is solid or liquid. Biological desulfurization is a newly developed method. Its main principle is to cultivate suitable strains in the reactor tank. These strains are fed with sulfide and fix sulfur in them. For gases with low sulfur content, physical adsorption or dry desulfurization is generally economical and applicable, and the operation is cumbersome.


In addition, according to China's environmental protection regulations, when biogas is used as energy, the H2S content in biogas should not exceed 200 mg/Nm3. Therefore, it is necessary to use biogas analyzer to stop real-time on-line monitoring of H2S content in biogas after desulfurization treatment, to provide real-time and accurate data reference for owners, to help them stop optimizing and adjusting the pretreatment process of biogas, and to improve the intake quality of biogas generating units, so as to ensure that H2S content reaches the requirement of Biogas power generation.


D88尊龙Because the composition of biogas is complex, besides H2S, it also contains CH4, CO2 and O2. If we want to ensure the biogas quality of biogas generating units, improve the calorific value of biogas, and ensure the efficiency of biogas extinguishing and generating electricity, besides reducing the content of H2S, the concentration of CH4 and CO2 in biogas should be monitored to provide reference basis for optimizing anaerobic fermentation process, improving the content of CH4 and reducing the content of CO2. Necessary.