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D88尊龙Firstly, we should select the manufacturer first. At present, there are many kinds of biogas generating units on the market. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of specialized design and manufacture according to gas characteristics and simple modification of diesel engine. Gas, especially biogas, is used by Gas Starters because of the time-varying pressure and concentration of gas and the worse extinguishing condition of gas when the cylinder is working, which requires that the starter must comply with the extinguishing condition of gas, adjust the gas-air ratio and pressure timely, have a satisfactory extinguishing control technology, as well as the experience and data accumulated through years of research and development. 。


D88尊龙Second, choose reasonable and economic control degree. Generally speaking, professional manufacturers will have different configurations of equipment to choose from, such as ordinary basic type, fully automatic management type and fully automatic operation type of three control systems. Ordinary basic units can achieve normal operation of the unit; fully automatic management equipment computer management control system, can fully visualize the operation conditions, automatically store operation data, and can command and control the unit on the computer; fully automatic control system is an international first-class brand equivalent level of control system, in addition to full automatic management function, automatic operation of the unit Turn, automatically adjust the operation parameters, all the key components are high-end imported products, high reliability.



D88尊龙Thirdly, choose the model according to the gas volume. Generally speaking, the thermal efficiency of domestic gas-fired internal combustion generating units ranges from 25% to 39%. The power generation efficiency varies with the specialty and type of engine. Firstly, we should affirm the heat energy of biogas, which is related to the total amount of biogas and the heat per unit of biogas. Because methane and carbon dioxide are the main components of biogas, the unit heat of biogas only considers the heat of methane.


Fourth, do a good job in the planning, design and establishment of power plants. Firstly, it should be in line with the request of national electric power to establish safety. It is better to invite design units with professional knowledge and experience to provide design. The design process should be fully separated from the site conditions so as to save investment as much as possible and give full play to the efficiency of generating units.

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