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D88尊龙Dehydration and desulfurization of biogas must be done well, high-efficiency industrial desulfurizer must be used and changed in time. At present, the sulfur capacity of the best iron oxide desulfurizer on the market is about 15%. The life of desulfurizer is about 1500 hours for the disposal of biogas from farms, and it must be changed when it expires.


2. Make sure to use special oil for biogas engine. The special oil has higher viscosity than ordinary oil and can absorb sulfur in biogas. This can effectively avoid the corrosion of turbocharger shaft.


D88尊龙3. The oil replacement cycle shall not exceed 400 hours. Even if the special oil is not changed on time, the oil viscosity decreases and becomes dirty, which will cause the turbocharger to overshoot and eventually accelerate wear and tear at high speed.



D88尊龙4. Do not close the load immediately after each boot-up. It takes a certain time for the oil to circulate to the turbocharger. When the oil has not arrived at the supercharger tubing, the sudden load will also cause the supercharger shaft, sheets and so on to wear and tear because of the short and smooth.


D88尊龙When hearing the abnormal noise of natural gas generator set in rolling process, first of all, we should make sure where the noise comes from, such as valve chamber, body interior, front cover, generator-diesel engine junction or cylinder. When the position is confirmed, the determination should be discontinued according to the working principle of the diesel engine.


When abnormal noise is heard inside the body, the engine should be shut down quickly, the side cover of the diesel engine should be opened, the middle position of the connecting rod should be pushed by hand, assuming that the noise is on the upper part of the connecting rod, then the defect of the piston and the copper sleeve of the connecting rod can be distinguished. Assuming that the sound is found at the lower part of the connecting rod in the course of loitering, it can be distinguished that the gap between the connecting rod and the journal is too large or that the crankshaft itself is defective.


D88尊龙Notes for setting up biogas generating units will be answered by us. The biogas generating units are divided into two types: high-concentration biogas generating units and low-concentration biogas generating units. Low-concentration biogas generating units are mainly used for gases with gas concentration below 25%, while high-concentration biogas generating units are used for gases with gas concentration above 25%.


Gas mainly refers to methane (cH4) is a colorless, odorless, odorless and ignitable gas. Before explosion, the concentration is 5-16%, oxygen is more than 12%. When open fire or temperature is 650-750, it will cause explosion, and the concentration is 9.5%.


D88尊龙Gas power generation not only has considerable economic benefits, but also can effectively prevent the occurrence of gas accidents and ensure the safety of coal mine work. Therefore, the country actively promotes gas power generation projects.


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