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Coke oven gas is one of the primary by-products of the coking industry. Each ton of coke produced about 300-350m3 of coke oven gas. About 40-50% of coke oven gas is used for back-burning. It is necessary to use special recovery equipment to recover the remaining gas, otherwise it can only burn and discharge the atmosphere. Some small enterprises, due to the small amount of coke oven gas in coke oven, investing in methanol, fertilizer and other projects may not reach the planning, the cost advantage is not obvious, so the use of coke oven gas for power generation is an effective way with small investment and quick effect.

2. 內燃式焦爐煤氣發電機組的功能特征

D88尊龙2. Functional Characteristics of Internal Combustion Coke Oven Gas Generator Unit


The working principle of coke oven gas internal combustion engine generator set is similar to that of car engine. It needs to be burned with spark plug. Because the working temperature in the cylinder of internal combustion engine reaches 14000, its power greatly exceeds that of steam turbine and gas turbine, and its power generation reaches more than 35%. Its characteristics are as follows:


2.1 Compact structure, small size and small occupation of land.


2.2 High thermal power, 10% higher than steam and gas turbines.


D88尊龙2.3 The operation is simple and easy to start.



2.4 Planning can choose a wider scale, several or more machines can be combined.


2.5 Because of the simplicity of the process, less investment can be made to carry out active control.


3.2 A set of equipment reverse power maintenance module at the low-voltage main switch of the main distribution room can prevent the power generated by the generator from being sent back to the municipal power grid when the power outage occurs.


3.3 When the power outage occurs in the external network, the low-voltage main switch controls the breaker to jump off through the inverse power module, and the generator turns into an isolated network to ensure that the primary equipment such as fans and circulating ammonia water pumps are continuously powered up and working normally. It can avoid the pyrotechnic pollution caused by the blower outage in the coke oven, and ensure the normal production of the coke oven if the power is large enough.


3.4 When the external network is powered again, it can be connected to the grid again through the same period of equipment at the main switch.


3.5 The parameters of temperature, pressure, voltage and current and the flow of gas and cooling water can be monitored in real time by the program-controlled computer software to ensure the normal operation of the generating unit.


4. conclusion


As far as coking enterprises are concerned, blackouts at any time will constitute a huge loss. Once blackouts occur, the riser of coke oven will cause excessive pressure and the waste gas of coke oven will escape. It is necessary to turn over and open the loose pipe to dissipate the heavy smoke on the top of coke oven, which is not allowed in environmental protection. Otherwise, because the waste gas in the coke oven can not be exported, excessive pressure will cause serious damage to the furnace. Intermittent circulation of circulating ammonia water also poses great difficulties for gas cooling and tar export. Thus, it is very important for enterprises to adopt double-loop uninterrupted power supply.


Utilizing coke oven gas to generate electricity can not only deal with the problem of ensuring power supply in coking enterprises, but also create economic benefits with energy saving and emission reduction, which can better deal with the opposition of gas waste, environmental pollution and purchased electric energy. Moreover, the sophisticated coke oven gas power generation skills, less investment and quick results, is an effective way for small and medium-sized coking in the use of less funds to achieve many benefits, but also to ease the power of our country is of great significance.

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