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D88尊龙1. Oil metamorphosis. Oil decay is generally caused by the leakage of cooling water and fuel into the oil pan. In addition, poor atomization of the injector and frequent thunder of the throttle during engine operation will cause the diesel engine to fail to burn completely, resulting in oil degeneration.


2. Impurities such as sand and metal debris entering the oil passage cause tile burning. Damage of oil pump results in oil shutdown, unqualified bearing bush quality, change of coordination between journal and bearing bush, blockage of oil passage, failure of lubricant delivery to conflict place, and lack of oil pressure will result in burning bush. Oil leakage is an important reason for the lack of oil pressure.



3. If the oil level is too low, the condition of tractor uphill, acceleration and braking may cause the oil surface of oil filter to appear, and the inhaled air surface can not supply oil. If the operator does not find the oil pressure disappear in time, and continues to drive, the burning tile will be formed immediately.


4. Other reasons, such as misuse of oil, overloading frequently, excessive load or tightly screwed oil pressure limiting valve bolts, result in excessive oil pressure, long-term low-load work may also burn tiles. Friends of pilots should pay attention to prevent the use and maintenance of diesel engines in order to reduce the occurrence of defects.