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D88尊龙There are a large number of coking plants in China, and coking tail gas (gas), a by-product of coking plants, is abundant in resources. Using internal combustion engine to generate electricity, one-time investment is small, the construction cycle is short, the power range can be determined according to the coking tail gas output, and the relocation is very convenient, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized coking plants. Several coking tail gas generators are combined to form a power station, which can either form a small power grid or be integrated into a large power grid, and can also meet the requirements of large coking plants. Under normal circumstances, coking tail gas power generation is used to drive operating machinery. When the gas source is in trouble or the coking tail gas generator set needs to be inspected, the original auxiliary power grid can be used, so that production and life are not affected, production costs are reduced, and economic benefits are improved. Therefore, the internal combustion generating set is a good way to solve the problem of coking tail gas application.


The use of coking tail gas for power generation also has the following characteristics:



D88尊龙(1) the construction period is short. Under normal conditions, a power station with a total installed capacity of 2000 kW is built with internal combustion engines, and the construction period is usually about 20 days.


(2) the double circuit power supply for coking plant safety production can be realized. Using coking tail gas to generate electricity can improve the power supply conditions and realize double-loop power supply. Especially for coking plants in areas where electricity consumption is tight, it can not be affected by external power supply to ensure the normal operation of production.


(3) is conducive to environmental protection. The main components of coking tail gas are methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and so on. Using coking tail gas to generate electricity can not only turn waste into treasure, but also reduce air pollution caused by exhaust combustion, which is of positive significance to environmental protection.


D88尊龙(4) facilitate relocation. The coking tail gas generator set is small in size, occupies a small area, invests less in infrastructure construction, and the power station can be easily removed. If the pry mounted power station is used, it will be more convenient to move, and it will be able to continue to generate electricity only by installing cooling system.


(5) the scope of power plant selection is wide. Coking plant can choose the scale of power station according to the amount of coking tail gas discharged. There are many kinds of coking tail gas generator units.