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First, before the trial production, the residual heat generation operator should obtain the corresponding qualification certificate (pressure vessel operation certificate), use four class three operation, each value has 4 employees (2 operators, 2 inspector), the whole system has 1 full-time water personnel; the system adopts central control room centralized control system, the principle of site priority, operators should be familiar with the principle. The process is not only to control the equipment and adjust the operating parameters on the computer screen, but also to know how the current production status of the screen corresponds to the actual field, and knows how to use the information given by the screen to judge the running state of each equipment, and the operation is fast and accurate when there are abnormal conditions. The inspector should be clear about the process flow and have been connected. Field safety education, experience in equipment maintenance.


D88尊龙Two, before trial production, the boiler operation regulations, steam turbine operation rules, generator operation rules, operation rules of central control rooms, and safe operation regulations have been prepared.



Three, before trial production, on-site equipment should be hygienic, complete with safety appliances, ready for inspection and maintenance tools.


Four. The value of the field instrument is consistent with the control. All the control and interlocking relations are in accordance with the technical requirements. The emergency stop and interlocking are accurate and reliable. The PC system indicates the fault point and the alarm signal is reliable.


Five, required conditions: all electrical equipment installation work has been completed, and passed the acceptance; all electrical test (static) work has been completed, and the electrical connection test standards >; relay protection, electrical instruments and automatic device verification work has been completed, through the transmission test confirmed the normal action; boilers, The steam turbine part has the condition of driving.


Six, before the trial production, the softening water system can be used normally. The installation unit has already cooked the AQC and SP boiler. All the safety valves have been adjusted and checked. The main steam pipe has been washed and the circulating pool piping system has been cleaned and precoated, and the circulating pool is filled with water.


Seven, before the production, the power supply department has been connected with the network license.


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