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The silent box diesel generator set is designed with the introduction of foreign low-noise generator and engine technology. The design concept is advanced and the variety is complete. Besides the functions of ordinary diesel generating set, the product has the following features: low noise, compact overall mechanism, small space, a detachable structure of the box, a steel plate spliced box, a high performance antirust paint on the surface, and the function of noise reduction and rain proof; the internal use of the box is much more. Layer barrier impedance mismatch noise elimination structure, built-in large impedance muffler.


The box structure is designed reasonably, with a large capacity tank inside the box, and there are two overhaul doors at the same time, in order to repair the failure of the unit. At the same time, there is an observation window and an emergency shutdown button on the box, so as to observe the operation of the unit and stop the unit at the fastest speed when the unit appears emergency situation. It was damaged.


1. The reasonable design of the inlet and outlet tuyere.


D88尊龙The power unit of the generator unit belongs to the internal combustion engine. Therefore, enough air flow is needed to ensure the full combustion of the engine and the mass of heat produced when working. If the proportion of the near - row air volume is unbalanced, the normal operation of the generating unit will be affected, which will lead to the high water temperature and power of the generator set, and so on. Long time working at high temperature will affect the life of the unit.



D88尊龙2. The selection of silencing materials.


Use special cotton to absorb the sound, so as to play a role of silencing. Another way is better effect, which is to combine noise and noise with hole net type silencer and silencer cotton.


3. Design of appearance structure


This is a new type of silent diesel generator sets Ji'nan lvneng Power Machinery Co. Ltd. launched design. The product is based on humanized design. It is easy to observe the operating condition of the unit. It can take the manual emergency stop quickly. The intake air volume is strictly calculated, and the integral assembly method is adopted to facilitate the follow-up maintenance work. Round angle design, beautiful.