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D88尊龙Gas is a kind of unconventional natural gas (mainly composed of methane) stored in coal seam. It is a harmful gas emitted automatically during the process of coal mining. Among the accidents in China's coal mines, there is a high value of utilization, so it is called "second coal resources".


D88尊龙The development and utilization of gas and gas can protect the global environment, improve the safety of coal mines and increase the multiple functions of new energy. In order to make rational use of gas and change the damage, the gas engine is integrated into a generating set, which not only solves the problem of exhaust air pollution to the atmosphere, but also reclaims the green energy of gas.



D88尊龙The use of gas and gas to generate electricity is an economical and effective way to turn waste into treasure. Besides, China has abundant CBM resources, and its gas resource volume is about 35 trillion cubic meters, which is similar to that of natural gas resources (about 38 trillion cubic meters), and has great market prospect.

D88尊龙1) 瓦斯電站宜靠近瓦斯抽放泵房、瓦斯儲罐或礦井變電站(所),并符合國家《煤礦安全規程》及有關規定。

D88尊龙1) the gas station should be close to the gas pumping station, gas storage tank or mine substation (Institute), and conforms to the state "coal mine safety regulations" and the relevant regulations.

2) 站址位置應具有良好的自然通風條件。

D88尊龙2) the site location should have good natural ventilation condition.

3) 架空通信線路、架空電力線路不得跨越瓦斯電站。

D88尊龙3) the overhead communication lines and the overhead power lines are not allowed to cross the gas power station.

D88尊龙4) 站址應位于不受洪水、潮水和內澇威脅的地帶,應避開壩或堤決潰后可能淹沒的地區。當不可避免時,必須具有可靠的防洪、排澇措施。

D88尊龙4) the site should be located by flood, waterlogging and tide threatened areas, should avoid the dam or dike breach may be flooded area. When unavoidable, it is necessary to have reliable measures for flood control and drainage.

D88尊龙5) 站址選擇應避開下列地段和地區: a、地震活動斷層帶和設防烈度高于9度的地震區; b、有滾石、泥石流、滑坡、流沙、沖溝、溶洞等地段; c、采動塌陷未穩定區; 低濃度瓦斯發電機組主要技術要求

D88尊龙5) site selection should avoid the following areas and regions: A, seismic active fault zone and seismic fortification intensity is higher than the 9 degree; B, the rolling stones, debris flow, landslide, sand, gullies, caves and other areas; C, collapse is not stable mining zone; the main technical requirements of low concentration gas turbine

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