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D88尊龙First, the nature of bioelectricity and conventional thermal power is fundamentally differentiated by the use of different fuels. Conventional thermal power is generally a non renewable fossil fuel, and most of the thermal power equipment is backward, production efficiency is very low, resulting in a large amount of energy waste. Biomass power generation uses renewable plant straw as fuel, and China's biomass resources are very abundant, so biomass power generation in the future will play an important role in alternative energy sources.


D88尊龙Secondly, from the point of view of environmental protection, conventional small thermal power plants belong to heavy pollution projects, and a large number of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide generated by coal combustion cause serious damage to the environment. Biomass power is used as a clean biomass energy, and green is not polluted. Moreover, the collection of agricultural and forestry waste to generate electricity has also avoided the environmental pollution caused by a large number of farmers burning straw.



D88尊龙Finally, from the "three rural" point of view, China's biomass resources are mainly concentrated in rural areas, the development and utilization of rural biomass resource rich, can alleviate rural and remote areas to problems, significant improvement in rural areas can improve the way of rural village and residents living conditions. The collection, processing, transportation and storage of agricultural and forestry wastes will increase farmers' income, increase employment opportunities for farmers, and open up new industries of agricultural economy and county economy. And conventional small thermal power does not have these advantages.


So there is a big difference between biomass power generation and thermal power in the general sense.


It is a good idea to develop the biomass energy industry as a good example of "one stone, four vectors": energy substitution, environmental protection, increasing farmers' income and new economic growth point.


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