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D88尊龙When the plane layout of the engine room is chosen, the plane location of the computer room should be adjacent to the distribution room as far as possible, because this is convenient for wiring, reducing the loss of materials and electric energy, and at the same time, it is also convenient for management. If conditions permit, the best room on the first floor, it is easy to ventilation, heat, smoke, but in high-rise buildings and large and medium-sized commercial buildings, the first floor is usually used as a commercial housing, the owners generally do not agree to this plan, but often put the room in the basement, at this time, in the choice of room location should pay attention to the following point:



D88尊龙(1) the machine room should have one side on the outer wall, so that the equipment is ventilated and the smoke exhaust is easier to handle.


D88尊龙(2) attention should be paid to the lifting, handling and maintenance of the unit. In general, the parking passageway is used as a transport channel, but if the channel is too small, the position of the hoisting hole should be considered.


D88尊龙(3) avoid wet places. Do not set up in the toilet or bathroom or pool or under the next or next wall, so as to prevent the operation of the unit due to toilet repair or floor seepage. Diesel generator set brand


The diesel generator set is composed of a diesel engine and a synchronous alternator. The maximum power of a diesel engine is limited by the mechanical load and heat load of the parts. Therefore, the maximum power that allows continuous operation is called the calibration power.


The diesel engine can not be used more than the calibrated power, otherwise it will shorten its service life and even cause an accident.

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